Friday, August 14, 2015


Security Stickers Covering up the need of Security System:

Burglars and robbers are the ones considered with most cunning and shrewd mind, snatching and stealing people’s property through different techniques. There have been enough arrangements done by people to protect their houses, property, precious things and stuff from such intruders.  Among those security plans are:
  •   Home security systems.
  •  Keeping dogs for protection.
  • Proper landscaping of the house.
  • Outdoor lights that detect motion.

But these are not all, people keep security guards, CCTV cameras and other techniques as well for protection.

Use Alarm Stickers as a ‘first line of defense’:

From the past few years, there have been a trend of using alarm stickers which are called ‘security stickers’. These stickers are considered as the first line of defense against intruders and such sort of trespassers. These stickers convey a clear-cut message that ‘YOUR HOME IS PROTECTED BY A SECURITY SYSTEM’.

Don’t worry if you are trying to get rid of burglars and are afraid of your house getting invaded by such evil men, and your budget doesn’t allow you to have one security system, we recommend you to have alarm stickers pasted over the walls and windows of your home, shop or any place you want to safeguard. It won’t actually protect your property but let’s just say it is better to have something than to have nothing.

As we have already analyzed that alarm stickers tell exactly what they are meant for. For those, who liked the idea of using them, can go for these stickers and have them pasted on the places you want to protect and defend. I know, your budget does not allow you to have a security system, a dog for protection, cannot have a landscape arrangement or lights detecting motion, obviously they demand money. Have these printed alarm stickers and announce that you have one such security system, without actually having one.

Both sided printed alarm stickers are a good option to go along with, since they have a better usage and durability over those see through glass windows, doors of your home or shops. These stickers are an innovative idea one can have for life.


Double sided security stickers fake up the presence of security system for good:

Security stickers have some advantages, obviously they are fake signs telling that your property is protected. Let’s see what benefits you will get after having security stickers:
  •   One of the most understood profit is that you will have your money saved.
  • You can get almost every security brand’s logos. These logos are basically available online.

·    Double sided security stickers have the easiest implications. They can be pasted over your glass doors, windows and other places to tell people outside your home and even the guests and outsiders that visit your place frequently that you have a security system installed.


Design your own stickers with custom printed security decals:

There is an option available on the internet and other apps, that you can design your own security stickers and have them printed with custom printed security decals option. These decals will make you able to use your creative mind and tell the intruders, that your property is yours!

Concluding, security stickers are life savers. If they do not directly save your lives and property; somehow they fake things for good. Remember, something is better than nothing. 

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