Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Using the Both Side Printed Stickers for Viral Marketing

Marketing is something that won’t stop with one sale. It is a continuous process, which should be open and focused towards creating more sales by referrals and repeat purchases. It might be surprising for you that sticker printing can do this job perfectly.

All you need is a reliable marketing strategy that can pass advertisement from one person to another effectively. Your message should be simple to pass along and individuals should be motivated to give them away. Trust me the results will be positive.

Both Sides Printed Stickers for Advertising

Let me tell you some useful ideas for advertising through sticker printing:

  1. Go for both side printed stickers for your advertising campaign. You can write something useful on your sticker like in bold letter “Discount Offer at (store name)” on the non-sticky side. Similarly, on the sticky side you can add “Get a 5% discount on your next visit”.
  2. For a minimum purchase try to manage at least 2 stickers for give away. Additionally, if the cost of purchases increases you should choose to give away more stickers. Otherwise, you can have a sticker printed with 10% discount text for a bigger purchase.
  3. If the customer returns for another purchase and show the sticker then attach the sticker to his/her shopping bag or ask the client to attach it to a more visible area. 
  4. You can add a date limit or expiration date on the stickers to create a sense of urgency in the mind of customers.

The ultimate goal of sticker campaign is to spread it like virus. The required result is that the customers who are purchasing your items will keep one sticker for themselves and give away the second. The discount offers in the form of two sided window stickers work like magic some times. It has clear intention and customers just can’t wait to reach the store and cash their discount offer.

2 giveaways to buyers is effective because the customer have shown interest in your items and so you have to just give him/her a perk to make them come again and again.
Typically, businesses sell relevant products. If a person purchases a product for a specific hobby in case then there is a higher possibility that he/she will buy more related products. And your sticker is a perk to purchase relevant products from you.

Custom Size 4.25" x 5.5" Double Sided Window Clings

Instead of stressing for your sticker advertising campaign and doing everything by yourself hire a professional sticker printing company to save your time and resources. A printing company will give you the perfect ideas for the right stickers printing for your product and services. Currently, double sided window cling printing is on the rise and more businesses are ordering huge number of double sided window stickers to online printing service providers. You can search the web to make your work easier. You can check the sticker designs online or you can order a customized one too.

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