Friday, August 14, 2015


Security Stickers Covering up the need of Security System:

Burglars and robbers are the ones considered with most cunning and shrewd mind, snatching and stealing people’s property through different techniques. There have been enough arrangements done by people to protect their houses, property, precious things and stuff from such intruders.  Among those security plans are:
  •   Home security systems.
  •  Keeping dogs for protection.
  • Proper landscaping of the house.
  • Outdoor lights that detect motion.

But these are not all, people keep security guards, CCTV cameras and other techniques as well for protection.

Use Alarm Stickers as a ‘first line of defense’:

From the past few years, there have been a trend of using alarm stickers which are called ‘security stickers’. These stickers are considered as the first line of defense against intruders and such sort of trespassers. These stickers convey a clear-cut message that ‘YOUR HOME IS PROTECTED BY A SECURITY SYSTEM’.

Don’t worry if you are trying to get rid of burglars and are afraid of your house getting invaded by such evil men, and your budget doesn’t allow you to have one security system, we recommend you to have alarm stickers pasted over the walls and windows of your home, shop or any place you want to safeguard. It won’t actually protect your property but let’s just say it is better to have something than to have nothing.

As we have already analyzed that alarm stickers tell exactly what they are meant for. For those, who liked the idea of using them, can go for these stickers and have them pasted on the places you want to protect and defend. I know, your budget does not allow you to have a security system, a dog for protection, cannot have a landscape arrangement or lights detecting motion, obviously they demand money. Have these printed alarm stickers and announce that you have one such security system, without actually having one.

Both sided printed alarm stickers are a good option to go along with, since they have a better usage and durability over those see through glass windows, doors of your home or shops. These stickers are an innovative idea one can have for life.


Double sided security stickers fake up the presence of security system for good:

Security stickers have some advantages, obviously they are fake signs telling that your property is protected. Let’s see what benefits you will get after having security stickers:
  •   One of the most understood profit is that you will have your money saved.
  • You can get almost every security brand’s logos. These logos are basically available online.

·    Double sided security stickers have the easiest implications. They can be pasted over your glass doors, windows and other places to tell people outside your home and even the guests and outsiders that visit your place frequently that you have a security system installed.


Design your own stickers with custom printed security decals:

There is an option available on the internet and other apps, that you can design your own security stickers and have them printed with custom printed security decals option. These decals will make you able to use your creative mind and tell the intruders, that your property is yours!

Concluding, security stickers are life savers. If they do not directly save your lives and property; somehow they fake things for good. Remember, something is better than nothing. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Various Features of Double Sided Paper Stickers and Vinyl Stickers

There are a lot of stickers available in the market. Not all of them are used for the same purpose. Many of them are more successful than the others while many are only used for specific purposes. Stickers are categorized by the usage and by the shape they produced. For example, Double Sided Paper Stickers are included in the latter group as they are precise in their shapes and designs.

Being unique in shape, Double Sided Paper Stickers offers unique features to the customers. These stickers can be easily customized according to the customers want and on the other hand, they are very easy to create and they can be acquired at an economical price. They work for many purposes, but marketing and advertising are the best functions of Custom Double Sided Vinyl Stickers.

Double Sided Vinyl Stickers

When categorized these stickers by the usage, they might be either indoor or outdoor. The outdoor type is useful as it best to use in marketing and advertisement. Many other products are obtainable in this group. These stickers are used on bikes to make them look more beautiful.

The main feature of the vinyl and paper stickers is that they can be customized very easily. Most of the customers take full benefit of this skill in order to promote their business identity appropriately. The most popular form of these stickers is the double sided. In other words, the Double Sided vinyl stickers are tremendously popular.

The next important feature of these stickers is that they are manufactured from vinyl material which provides additional protection and strength to them. This way they are able to resist the requirement of outdoor marketing campaigns. These stickers can easily be obtained nowadays by utilizing the services of a Printing company in nyc. A lot of customers are now getting the online vinyl stickers in this way.

Almost all types of businesses prefer vinyl stickers for their marketing campaign, because vinyl has certain advantages over other stickers. Its glossy stuff scratch resistant attracts the customers. Vinyl stickers are used to pack boxes in moving companies, printed tapes is also considered to be a good information source for the customer when we talk about the business promotion.

Stickers are of many types and all types of stickers is used to promote the business. They are economical in price and best to display when compared with different ways, such as TV, radio. Double sided stickers are inexpensive and you can easily manage in your promotional budget. Printed sticker design should be attractive with bright color combination and texture.

There are many double sided paper and vinyl stickers that are available globally. Many shops selling them online and you can easily order both of them through phone if you don't want to leave the home to buy them. Various sizes are also available like large, small ones, girly ones and funny ones. Select among the huge range of vinyl stickers at your local or online sticker provider.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Using the Both Side Printed Stickers for Viral Marketing

Marketing is something that won’t stop with one sale. It is a continuous process, which should be open and focused towards creating more sales by referrals and repeat purchases. It might be surprising for you that sticker printing can do this job perfectly.

All you need is a reliable marketing strategy that can pass advertisement from one person to another effectively. Your message should be simple to pass along and individuals should be motivated to give them away. Trust me the results will be positive.

Both Sides Printed Stickers for Advertising

Let me tell you some useful ideas for advertising through sticker printing:

  1. Go for both side printed stickers for your advertising campaign. You can write something useful on your sticker like in bold letter “Discount Offer at (store name)” on the non-sticky side. Similarly, on the sticky side you can add “Get a 5% discount on your next visit”.
  2. For a minimum purchase try to manage at least 2 stickers for give away. Additionally, if the cost of purchases increases you should choose to give away more stickers. Otherwise, you can have a sticker printed with 10% discount text for a bigger purchase.
  3. If the customer returns for another purchase and show the sticker then attach the sticker to his/her shopping bag or ask the client to attach it to a more visible area. 
  4. You can add a date limit or expiration date on the stickers to create a sense of urgency in the mind of customers.

The ultimate goal of sticker campaign is to spread it like virus. The required result is that the customers who are purchasing your items will keep one sticker for themselves and give away the second. The discount offers in the form of two sided window stickers work like magic some times. It has clear intention and customers just can’t wait to reach the store and cash their discount offer.

2 giveaways to buyers is effective because the customer have shown interest in your items and so you have to just give him/her a perk to make them come again and again.
Typically, businesses sell relevant products. If a person purchases a product for a specific hobby in case then there is a higher possibility that he/she will buy more related products. And your sticker is a perk to purchase relevant products from you.

Custom Size 4.25" x 5.5" Double Sided Window Clings

Instead of stressing for your sticker advertising campaign and doing everything by yourself hire a professional sticker printing company to save your time and resources. A printing company will give you the perfect ideas for the right stickers printing for your product and services. Currently, double sided window cling printing is on the rise and more businesses are ordering huge number of double sided window stickers to online printing service providers. You can search the web to make your work easier. You can check the sticker designs online or you can order a customized one too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Best option for sticker printing online!

Sire Printing is offering the best options for online sticker printing. We present you with all the options that you would get by physically visiting a store right on your desktop. So whether you want a template order for the sticker printing or you need customization, you can order for both online.

Getting the option to print stickers online saves a lot on the time and hassle. Literally everything is available on our website, so you can experiment with all the options and check out how the things work. Before placing the final order, you can always check the prototype so that you can make any final amendments and get to print stickers online just the way you would like to see them.

Custom Stickers

To print stickers online is a little bit tricky too, as all rests with your imagination. However you can always check in for our suggestions and professional advice. We have expert knowledge of all aesthetics and design aspects, and we would be more than delighted to help you with designing to print stickers online and yet get the best experience of printing ever.

Window sticker printing is available for all sorts of windows; be it your office windows or the windows of your vehicle, we have everything for everyone! Single sided stickers as well as double sided stickers, both are available for window sticker printing.

With vinyl finish, you can be sure that your stickers will last long enough to pay you for the money you invested. You can apply them indoors and outdoors without any risk. They are made to resist bad weathers and scratches; hence they will last as long as you want.

Being the cheap sticker printing company allows us to offer valuable quality services that make our esteemed clients come back to us for more. We present complete range of printing material, so we can cover all your business needs. Let us serve you, and you will never be disappointed.

You may have visited many companies that claim to have best printing company websites, but what makes Sire Printing different from all these self proclaimed websites is that we offer all options for customization at our websites.

This allows you to place your orders online and alongside get to see what you are designing. In this way, you can make any number of changes and experiment with your ideas and imagination till you get the right thing that you need.

We are the online printing company Canada, but we are also prized for providing valuable online printing services USA. We completely cover all the markets of printing with our formal and informal range of printing material.

You can always explore on the options to fit your design with the latest trends and techniques. Our expert team will always be there to guide you on each level of sticker designing and printing. Always check in with your feedback since that helps us to improve our quality service, and offer a better experience for our customers.